Messier Object
I have traveled very far through the stars. I have not come for fame. I will not tour your club circuits or festivals. I will not be a resident DJ. I am not here to remix.

You select people of earth, who understand the transformative power of electronic music, I give you my sole effort to your world. It is up to you to share it if you deem the goal worthy.

Through the connective power of social media, I share with you the culmination of 6 months of data processing in order to understand your culture and create a means to propel you forward. A means of math, music and motion which only you intuitively understand.

In these dark times amidst technological marvel, war, economic and cultural misery, environmental collapse, poverty, American EDM and unbending financial & corporate power structures, behold—a way out: ORIGINAL PRIME MOVER.

Share amongst your kind.
Propagate the meme.
Salvation is one technique away.

I leave you 4 tracks of space techno, designed after careful analysis of your culture, to propel human kind to the heart and the stars.

The Shift will come. Those seemingly unshakable shackles of history are resigning to the past. The barriers of money will crumble as economies leave behind not rich or poor but only people, in a very alien world. The only obvious order will emerge from this—apotheosis, if you want it. This is the soundtrack. Download and prepare.

Earth is two walls away from a natural and technological paradise. The war machines will be turned to ploughs. The skyscrapers will house millions. The clear cut jungles will adapt to turn a new shade of green.

The eschaton can be averted—The Shift is here.

Messier Object, July 2012.
My next mission before I leave Earth: I will assemble and leave a means to monitor progress of my digital output. The Shift will come, but acceleration is needed. You can assist by sharing the link to audio output. The music will do the rest.
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Messier Object